Paint Me

Paint me

In your most vivid hues

Stroke my skies

Embrace my shadows

Stop and feel my rawness

Stop painting me as what you want

See me for who I am

Keep painting or walk away


Read Me

Overwhelmed with so many feelings

It seems easier to shut down

I swear

I have yet to meet someone like you

Simply exhilarating

I want you to read me

From start to finish

Can you anticipate the ending?

I’ll give you a hint

Touch my soul

Feel my pain

As we both become one


What is love?

Is it sweet?

Is it ephemeral? 

Or will it last forever?

Answer me baby…

What is love?

Is it when our hearts burst in ecstasy?

When your kisses make me feel complete?

But what about those dark nights?

All those fights?

Tell me baby

What is love?