laguii (35)

Life rewards you when you try
To fulfill a goal
Or surpass an obstacle
Yet it punishes you
For doubting yourself
Making excuses for your delays
The secret is to fail in action which leads to success
Instead of failing within your imagination which leads to doomed hesitation 



I try not to assume
Because I tend to allow my thoughts to derail
The growing intuition resting uneasy within me
I had met someone who impressed me
In every way possible
We courted for quite some time
Over wine and pasta
He asked if I could answer what I wanted
Due to previous disillusions
I wasn’t ready for a relationship
To be honest I had a hard time basking my own answer
But something I did know
Was that I would seek a partner
Someone to grow old with and this answer tends to scare people
Thinking that you want it all
But that isn’t what I mean
I think if people are interested in one another
Even if faintly
It would be good to know what their end goal with be
Many people have different objectives
It might sound premature
But if someone has a similar path in mind as yours
The garden will flourish more easily
It ended before it started
In a millennial fashion of course
Through a call
It left me with a valuable lesson
That perhaps he did misunderstand me
And maybe so did I
I wonder how many things failed
Just because we run with our thoughts




It is quite challenging

To see myself raw

To silence what I think

To go based on why I am not

Even more difficult

To put such a complex task into words

With each ray of knowledge I acquire more of myself

The harder it becomes to accept who I have become

The easier it is to re-wire myself

Like the flower that blooms deprived of sun

I grow to my own pace