th (26)
Stop asking me to trust you
When you still have blood on your hands
Stop demanding me to trust you
When I still have your knife fixed to my back
Stop wanting me to trust you
While you continue to lie and hurt those on your path



I don’t need to sleep with other men

To make you feel

What you made me experience

I don’t need to lie behind your back

Of what I was doing while you were away

I don’t hold the regrets you carry

Because I didn’t make them

Lie after lie

Betrayal after deceit

You arrive at my door

Apologetic and remorseful

Claiming to be a different man

I pray you changed

But that woman you loved

Or so claim to

Is dead

You killed her

You destroyed everything

You tore my secrets apart

You drowned what little I had left for you

Every time you replaced my warmth

For another body laying on your bed

Every time you lied about what you did

While you were lying in my face

Every time you begged for another chance

Just to laugh and walk away

You see

You weren’t that great at lying

And especially not at getting caught

The universe conspired

I asked for a sign if you were the one

That I would walking down the aisle to

And the answer was blasphemy

You did excel at one thing

And one thing only

You proved everyone right about you

I knew you had a past

That you were a “player”

But when I met you

I saw past your facades

Just to get murdered in them

Now please save your breath

The remaining ink of your lying pen

And stop telling the world you loved me

When you know damn well that you never had the courage to love anyone

Except yourself