Put yourself first


Stand up for your beliefs


Love yourself




It is almost as if they knew

The second that you get over them

They start haunting you

Fishing you with silly attempts

To try to lure you back in

To that dark and cold abyss

That you once lived in

And decided to call it love


High School Lovers

Saturday wedding bells

Here comes the bride

They both kissed each other

For all of eternity

Promises were made

I hope they are kept

Two kids and a house later

Their love revels tonight

Time to party

Bachata smoothness takes over

As everyone dances their worries away

Two lovers caught my attention

It was the ardent fire

That lived fiercely in their eyes

Almost a decade later

Not one flame had been extinguished

Happiness and butterflies

How contagious are people’s feelings?

I forget this sometimes

I sit down and drink some wine

Letting it all sink in

What a refreshing view

To feel and witness a love so…

Old yet young

Curiosity takes over

I analyze their every move

How they see each other

Specially when they are not

Staring endlessly into their souls

I gasp

My heart sinks

All of this love

All of this desire


Class of 2010

Seven years later

They both must have known

I can see it

I can feel it

It is amazing what fear does to us

Consumes us

Controls us

I hope tonight is the night

Their souls can rejoice

Make up for lost time

I send out this message to the universe

Are you listening?


The final chapter

Our story was unique 
Full of highs and downs

I always attempt to only 

Hold on to the good memories

But the time has come

To conclude our story

For once and for all

To end this tragic mess

Stop the suspense

This is our final chapter

As I say this with a knot 

In my throat

Salty tears streaming down my face

I utter with strength and determination 



Sensorial Overload


I am quite aware of how sensitive I am
But it is so much more than just emotions
All of my five senses are a sensorial overload
At times when I find myself in a crowded place
I feel overwhelmed
My mind races
I feel what they feel
Can easily see right through them
It is true
To feel so deeply
Is both a blessing and a curse