th (2)

When you have nothing to lose
You feel as if you had nothing to gain
Propelling you to dive deep into an abyss
Where danger prevails
There is always a reason to move forward
To keep living
To continue dreaming
Wherever you are today
I want you to know that you matter
That you do care
That you can accomplish
Anything that you set your mind to
Our mind
Is the only barrier
That prevents you from doing and acting
Win this battle first
As the world falls scared to your feet
You have won against society
You have awoken
You have become bearer of the blinding truth
Harness this power
Take flight
And simply fly



th (1)

My dreams keep becoming more vivid
It all felt too real
Too sensorial
Each time there is a new message
Hidden within my R.E.M. mind
Waiting to be discovered
My higher self becomes louder
Making each sign apparent
Guiding me to my truth
To my own path