“If it costs you your peace, it is not worth it.”



Tonight I will burn our love

All of our pictures

Erase your memory

Like that movie we watched

You see darling

I had made a love box

That I filled with trivial things

About us

Movie tickets

Booth pictures

Concert tickets

Love letters

And things you gave me

Surrounding me I had all this unconsumed energy

That was draining me

A dormant tornado waiting to strike

Tonight I am at the edge

Of losing my sanity to you

I won’t allow it

I need to burn this

Incinerate the town with unfulfilled love

In this quest of two

I have decided to stop this sick game

Of petty proses

Immature revenge conquests

And dissipated promises

In the end

The mirror is clear

I choose myself

When you failed to see me

I saw the light

And took flight



I was waging a war within myself

Punishing myself for what happened

When I couldn’t get justice

I was my own worst self enemy

Sabotaged my dreams

Allowed my mind to play games

Almost left permanently

Today I feel everything

It brings pain and it drains

The remaining life out of me

The one thing I was afraid of doing

To heal and to feel

Instead of living under a self imposed veil