th (11)

I used to react
When I was upset
Would always retract
Now I understand
How to decipher
Everything that I seal
To best express what my soul yearns to feel




I had to go through a lot
To find you
I have traveled across the Atlantic sea
Learned my lessons from past lovers
It wasn’t easy
At times I try to doubt this growing feeling
Because at times I feel undeserving
Of this thing called love
What some die for
What others fight for
What makes me stay
Is the expression on your soft face
The way you make me feel
How you make me feel safe
I want to build a home with you
A present and a future
I love you
I had never said that before
With such confidence
With such conviction
Take my heart
Take my soul
My secrets and dreams
Plant yours in the garden along with me
I promise to always take care of you
And pick you up when you fall
On rainy and sunny days
My love is here to stay


Read Me

Overwhelmed with so many feelings

It seems easier to shut down

I swear

I have yet to meet someone like you

Simply exhilarating

I want you to read me

From start to finish

Can you anticipate the ending?

I’ll give you a hint

Touch my soul

Feel my pain

As we both become one