I am strong
Because I have been weak
Fallen down on my bruised knees
I am perseverant
Confidence flowing from within me
My soul whispers softly
Your life has a purpose
That you have yet to see
I am wise
Because I was naive
Robbed from innocence within deceit
I am me
The only person that I care to be
Smiling back at the mirror
Happy of my journey
And the long and audacious path laying in front of me



My purpose is steady
Life brings me obstacles
But I choose to move above them
You can either give up
Or give it your all
I am coming back for everything they took away from me and more



Siempre me despertaba brava con él
Y no fue porque no lo quería
Era porque solo me amaba bajo la luna
Y me mentía bajo el calor del sol
Era un amor de convivencia
En el cual pensaba que podía olvidarme de alguien más
Pero termine enamorada de él
Del clavo que solo veía por lo visual
Y aunque me lleno de enseñanzas
Me dio una prueba de mi amor
Hoy brindo por el día en el cual te conocí
Y en el cual te deje ir



Have you ever done something
With no former knowledge
This morning I woke up to do a ritual
When I was meditating I was recounting memories of former lovers
After thinking deeply of one
I was able to feel his energy
His current emotions
He possessed an acute anxiety
That made me feel as if I wanted to scratch my skin off
It drained my whole energy
As I past out and slept to awaken with a new gift
It’s amazing the things we learn
When we reconnect with our own soul
Relearn our past life prose



th (20)
Sometimes I seek love
In all the wrong places
Find refugee in a temporal shelter
Fall prey
To the arms of a broken man
As I gain knowledge and conscious
I attempt to find an answer
To my unconscious behavior
To blindly believe men
There is something captivating when you first met someone
It feels like fireworks at the carnival
In a day that you don’t want to end
But as the crowd winds down
The mirage fades away
You now find yourself
In a deserted place with only scrapped remains
Of what you once knew
In the end of it all
I was an island to be conquered
In a world where I continue to ponder
The significance of love and its mystified wonders
I choose to believe
Despite getting hurt
Because to believe in love and its treasures
Is to accept pain and all its efforts