I stop writing
When I feel out of touch
I stop writing
When I don’t feel like myself
It’s my mind clogged with words
That I can’t begin to assimilate
When you feel so much
You can easily feel overwhelmed
Writing helps me
Writing heals me




He was living his dream
Radiating light upon everyone on his path
At the tender age of 29
He closed his eyes for the last time
A stray bullet not intended for him
The sky poured its heart out
Today we light a candle for his soul
I know you may not read this
But I write this for you
An echo to the sky
We can sit here and cry
But life has no meaning unless we try




Every cell of my body shakes

When I visit my past

Holistic healing

By visting places that haunted me

Places that had me feeling dead

While my wrist had a pulse

This isn’t easy

But only by going back

I can free myself

From what was rooted as a tormented seed

It can be transformed, acknowledged and closed

I want to be the sole writer of my story

But I gave my pen away

I have awakened

I must return for it

Now every cell of my body shakes

But now it isn’t fear

It is pure excitement

In order to heal what had been hidden

I must face myself




I was waging a war within myself

Punishing myself for what happened

When I couldn’t get justice

I was my own worst self enemy

Sabotaged my dreams

Allowed my mind to play games

Almost left permanently

Today I feel everything

It brings pain and it drains

The remaining life out of me

The one thing I was afraid of doing

To heal and to feel

Instead of living under a self imposed veil