I gave my heart out too soon
But that is the only way I know how to love
Impulsively, deeply and with no fear
To pour myself out
Spilling secrets and sharing stories
Opened my own past while daydreaming of our future
I was to preoccupied within these two fragments of time
That I neglected our present
Creating disaster and a unique pattern
To most of my relationships
I have awakened
In spirit and soul
Yet my body moves numbly
But what is growth without pain?
I hope to love once again
And this time
I promise to savor each moment
Without being affixed to a past or future



I used to be controlled by my ego
Living under a state of dictatorship
Under attack
Always in fear
Dressed in anxiety
I always felt the need to be right
And deny the truth if it conflicted with what I knew
It is amazing how you can flourish with time
Visit the inner dwellings of your mind
And find your ego starved and defeated



We have been conditioned
We have been programmed
We have been lied to
Converted into insecure consumers
That follow a safe timeline
Everyday I want you question something
Start with anything
The first thought is what was instilled upon you
What follows is what you wish to believe

It now becomes a choice
There lies power within that
Don’t allow race, creed or religion to divide you
The only way your grow is when you shed and let go



There are people
Who want you to be comfortable
To not push forward
To not succeed
Who want you to feel as if
There is no room to grow
These people smile in your face
As they lie with displace
Once you identify this individual
Most likely they will be your boss
Outsmart them
Find somewhere else to grow
Don’t forget and continue to go