Their rules
Have left us blind
I can’t blame you
For not trying
Conditioned into the game
You decide to deny the world
To your own ego
To your own perspective
Afraid of what is outside
They say ignorance is bliss
Knowledge is pain
I wish you knew how beautifully bittersweet life can feel from this side
But don’t worry
I will be here
Waiting for you
To cross your own edge
That leads to a step
Which your mind is stopping you to getting to
Start there in your head
And meet me here



We can lay here in bed
Pretending we aren’t thinking the same
Daydreaming what we wish
Yet remaining silent of those same desires
Living off our egos
We can keep up this game of false pride
But at what cost?
I want to fight
Even if you can’t start
Maybe if I paved the way
You can join me on this crusade



I used to look for ego strokes
But what I really wanted
Was someone to caress my soul
Most guys would only be interested
In conquering the treasure hidden between my legs
While not many had an interest of the mysteries that laid in my head
With age I have grown to difference both
Learned through trail and error
The inner complexities of what they call love
Patiently waiting
For what they call “the one