She is a poet
A nomadic wanderer
With no place to call home
For a room cannot confine her
Nor the terrenal pleasures that seduce her
An avid risk taker
That always goes on a whim
Falling in love with new adventures
The serene and addicting breeze of exploring



I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for showing me so much love and support. It means a lot for me to hit the 500 followers mark. It is an accomplishment that is measured quite differently compared to other goals of my life. In a more substantial, soulful and fulfilling way. Here people follow my prose, thoughts and emotions. Without a doubt, WordPress is an amazing community filled with the most kind, passionate and witty souls! May we all continue to grow, perfect our craft and keep reaching milestones. Looking forward to the day when we can find our names on bookshelves. Wishing you all a beautiful and productive day!

Xoxo, Karen.



All of my happiness lies within this realm
My family
My friends
Those I once loved
Under the shade I sit and reflect
Feeling this light breeze
I can feel so out of touch at times
As if nothing mattered
The darkness swallows me whole
But I reach out for the light
I see my mother’s smile
Hear my sister’s laugh
Feel my dad’s hug
I reach for my brother’s strong hands
Home isn’t a place
It is people
Whether chosen or given
You four complete me