Everyone you meet
Leaves a print on your heart
Some fade
Others remain
Regardless of what happens
I hope you wake up to a beautiful day
With no regrets
But a smile on your face



I am strong
Because I have been weak
Fallen down on my bruised knees
I am perseverant
Confidence flowing from within me
My soul whispers softly
Your life has a purpose
That you have yet to see
I am wise
Because I was naive
Robbed from innocence within deceit
I am me
The only person that I care to be
Smiling back at the mirror
Happy of my journey
And the long and audacious path laying in front of me



I slowly hear it
Faintly yet distinctly
The blooming intuition growing within me
Light steps across my ribcage
Bones that protect my heart
It comes within me
When I want to go
When I want to stay
I listen to its warning
Because when you flip a coin
You always know what you really wanted
But with you
I never saw the side of any coin
My father jokes around
Lucky in business, but not for love
I stopped believing in it
So it stopped knocking on my door
Yet my intuition sings softly
Reminding me that I am wrong
I run away
From what I can’t face
Yet every night and every morning
It sings



She woke up with a choice
To live or to be
To allow her mistakes to follow her into the day
Or to rise brighter and stronger each day
She rose with the sun
Clothed in self love
She has no problem being alone
The gift of enjoying your own company
Yet when you love yourself so much
Value your heart, feelings and dreams
You won’t be easily impressed
By people that could drain you
You can see past every facade
For now you recognize your own faults
To love yourself is to accept who you are
Wherever you are on your path
To keep growing, fighting and living
Nothing ever grows from the soft shade of comfort
Love yourself
Trust yourself
Believe in yourself