He wanted me close

But never fully opened the door

Promised to make up for the past

Still caught up in his own act

Today I said yes to go dancing

But now he wants to play it by ear

I am tired of his subtle manipulation

Dreading this constant flow of

Wanting someone to be yours

When they never had any intention of being just yours




To love is to lose

To lose a part of yourself

The cosmic merge of two souls

Fueling into one

A rather beautiful sight

Yet not everyone is ready for that

Because the truth is that to love is to gain

With sacrifices being made

I grew tired of trying

When you failed to appreciate me when you had the chance

To love is to lose

But you can’t say you did

Because you never loved me

To love is to gain

But you will never know that

Until the day you decide to dive in

I pray you find what you seek

But stop looking for it within me