What is love?

Is it sweet?

Is it ephemeral? 

Or will it last forever?

Answer me baby…

What is love?

Is it when our hearts burst in ecstasy?

When your kisses make me feel complete?

But what about those dark nights?

All those fights?

Tell me baby

What is love?


Stuck in limbo

I don’t know where I am

One day I hate you

The next day I want you

These mixed feelings

Have me trapped

The minute I finally let go

I somehow end up back with you

Can we please stop this

And make up our minds?


Tired of waiting for you

I have grown tired of waiting for you

Waiting for a moment

That will never occur

You come and go

Just like seasons

Passionate as summer

Cold as winter

Leaving me frustrated and alone

Under this rainy storm

Wishing for better weather

At times I feel as if you should

Just leave me alone

Destroy this revolving door

That you created in my heart

Stop playing with my feelings

Maybe then 

It could be a sunny day…