Afraid to love again

I am afraid

To love again

I have sealed my heart and

Numbed my mind

To such powerful emotion

One day I hope to meet someone

Who is brave enough

To climb the long walls

That I have built

Who will fearlessly

Swim the deep ocean

That my eyes have cried out

Someone who isn’t afraid to

Caress my wounds

I wonder if that person is you…


Mixed feelings

Some days I awake missing you

Usually I end the night despising you

It has always been that way with you


Now I’m not sure what is best

To stay with you and

Give it one more try

Or to run away

As fast as I can

From you and my feelings

But you both always catch up to me


Eternal flame of love

I want you so bad

But the second I have you

My desire disappears 

Perhaps it is because

I have painted you 

To my own imagination

Blinded by love

But after being so much time apart

And finally seeing you naked and raw

Made me realize

You are no longer the person

I once loved…

Honestly neither am I

Times have changed

Memories will not

I am sorry for starting this fire

But the way you gazed at me

Such a blank stare

Your eyes…

Answered all of my doubts

We need to let go

Before it is too late


A lesson in disguise

I am getting ready to sleep

The white light wakes me up

It is you

Telling me that you miss me

What we had

That I was special and different 


I don’t understand 

You were the one who fucked up

Threw everything away

Made me feel as part

Of your sick game

Stop lying to me

With your sweet messages

How can you miss someone

That you never appreciated?

Your actions speak louder than your words

Just walk away

I am only grateful

For the lesson you have taught me

Do not judge a book by its cover

I cannot believe how easily I was deceived 

You should really start an acting career

You had me fooled

Now leave me alone

Don’t you dare ever come back

Find another game to play


The final chapter

Our story was unique 
Full of highs and downs

I always attempt to only 

Hold on to the good memories

But the time has come

To conclude our story

For once and for all

To end this tragic mess

Stop the suspense

This is our final chapter

As I say this with a knot 

In my throat

Salty tears streaming down my face

I utter with strength and determination