These past two years can be culminated into one word-perhaps two?; soul-searching. I have been on the quest of finding myself, getting to know myself, and face decisions that will have a ripple effect onto my future.  Sounds scary right? Well, that is life. You see, the other day I was reading some motivational stories and crossed upon some interesting anecdotes that I will like to share. For all you indecisive, yet honest people out there. I understand your pain. You see, everyone, at one point or another – feels lost. Back in the day, things seemed simple. You were born to be Queen of England, pig farmer, or any other trivial occupation. Nevertheless, now we are blessed to be able to write our own stories, but with that power comes doubt. We doubt ourselves at every corner, belittle ourselves, and often times, we become our worst enemy. I want you to stop whatever you are doing and take control of your life. Slowly, yet gradually take action and whatever small the step may be, it is one step forward to where you want to be. I wish you luck on your quest my friend. I genuinely hope we all make it to where we want and can be.

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