There is something truly beautiful

In the way they perceive the world

In such a unique and mesmerizing way

That we strive to understand

The world needs to adapt to them

Make life more calm and accesible

In ways that as a society we have failed to provide

I will continue to educate myself further

Passing on what I learn

Break the cycle



There comes a point in your life

When you outgrow friendships

That had been one-sided for way too long

You no longer attempt to water them

Allowing them to fully wither

Welcoming space and energy for new friendships

That will be matched and reciprocated

Those you have let go will hurt as any loss

Yet it is time for a new chapter

To know your worth and not settle

Whether friendships, lovers, jobs or anything

You must always know your value and let go when it is time to go


Wedding galore

I was so excited about this wedding

For weeks it was all that I talked about

I’m sorry if last night didn’t turn out how we imagined

The whiskey and ginger are not to blame

All I wanted was for you to make me feel special and wanted

At times I do not understand how I got attached and rooted in your garden

When you do not water me and leave me as a dying flower

Yet as a lotus flower I rise

I wish you could stop for a moment

And think of me

The fight was so silly

Over a picture

But yesterday I realized that pictures are important to me

A moment captured within an image

Immortalized forever

When you did not show me you wanted one too

I guess it hurt

Because it meant so much to me

Despite all the anger and all

I learned one important thing about myself

And something that I sincerely and deeply care about

Sharing moments and creating a sincere and joyous momento



How can you miss a moment

That you are currently living?

I lay down next to him

Hugging his arms as I wrap mine tight

I kiss his forehead goodnight

Our bodies still beating at the same time

Our hearts singing the same song

I yearn for him even in his presence

I call it

Ironic nostalgia

It makes me immerse myself more in the moment

To recall each small detail

To indulge into everything a bit more

Because when the sun rises and we are no longer together

I can rejoice in that moment

Where I was already missing those moments we were sharing



I have been searching for myself
In empty corridors
In crowded spaces
I am not even sure at what point I lost myself
My essence, my emotions, my dreams, my fears
Not feeling like myself
Because I wasn’t being myself
I was being there for everyone
But failed to show up for myself
I admit this as a harsh truth
Sitting on a plane with mixed emotions
Now on the journey to find the woman I was
I feel close
Working everyday to unravel my thoughts
When I find my true self
I will love her
Give her all the love she needs
Invest time in her dreams
Put her as a priority always
Learn to say no
May the vision become stronger
The circle smaller
I smile because I see her in the mirror
Somewhere in there
And she smiles back at me



I see myself in you
You see yourself in me
I strive to make you proud
To make you smile
To hear you laugh
I will forever be grateful to you
For showing me what love is and isn’t
You weren’t perfect
But neither am I
Always striving to be a better you
Your honesty and drive molded me
To become a constant masterpiece of art under construction
Ready to be painted in new hues
With bold and bright colors leaving out any room for any regrets
Today I wish to thank you for simply everything
I love you so much
This poem cannot allow to express just how much I feel to be contained within words
Perhaps with a birthday hug you will feel all of this love
In just one touch