How can you miss a moment

That you are currently living?

I lay down next to him

Hugging his arms as I wrap mine tight

I kiss his forehead goodnight

Our bodies still beating at the same time

Our hearts singing the same song

I yearn for him even in his presence

I call it

Ironic nostalgia

It makes me immerse myself more in the moment

To recall each small detail

To indulge into everything a bit more

Because when the sun rises and we are no longer together

I can rejoice in that moment

Where I was already missing those moments we were sharing



I have been searching for myself
In empty corridors
In crowded spaces
I am not even sure at what point I lost myself
My essence, my emotions, my dreams, my fears
Not feeling like myself
Because I wasn’t being myself
I was being there for everyone
But failed to show up for myself
I admit this as a harsh truth
Sitting on a plane with mixed emotions
Now on the journey to find the woman I was
I feel close
Working everyday to unravel my thoughts
When I find my true self
I will love her
Give her all the love she needs
Invest time in her dreams
Put her as a priority always
Learn to say no
May the vision become stronger
The circle smaller
I smile because I see her in the mirror
Somewhere in there
And she smiles back at me



I see myself in you
You see yourself in me
I strive to make you proud
To make you smile
To hear you laugh
I will forever be grateful to you
For showing me what love is and isn’t
You weren’t perfect
But neither am I
Always striving to be a better you
Your honesty and drive molded me
To become a constant masterpiece of art under construction
Ready to be painted in new hues
With bold and bright colors leaving out any room for any regrets
Today I wish to thank you for simply everything
I love you so much
This poem cannot allow to express just how much I feel to be contained within words
Perhaps with a birthday hug you will feel all of this love
In just one touch